We provide custom data solutions for
UK and US pharma market

We acquire, analyze and monitor pharmaceutical market data in the UK and the US to give you actionable insight on competition, market trends and growth opportunities 

Grow your business with rich market analytics

Whether you want to better understand your competition, plan your sales force or identify acquisition and licensing opportunities, we have you covered. We work with various publicly available data sources (e.g. NHS, FDA) as well as distributed web data in the US and UK market to provide you with a unified source of actionable data so that you can make well-informed decisions. We take pride in offering simple and elegant solution which you can use with no technical expertise.

Heath-care focus​

We work exclusively with healthcare industry so that we can fully leverage our industry knowledge and technical resources to solve complex business problems that your company is facing. We are your partner for growth – helping you deliver better healthcare solutions to your customers.

What we do


Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Acquire and collect data from web and other publicly available sources. Constantly update and monitor for changes and trends.
Target: UK and US market



Combine NHS data with web data to provide data-as-a-service that you can subscribe to. You are guaranteed to receive accurate, updated and ready-to-use data.
Target: UK market


Custom analytics &
Data Services

Any custom solution that involves publicly available data, web data or proprietary data that you own. Please contact us to learn more.
Target: UK and US market

Sample Use Cases

Analyze UK pharma market - monthly and yearly sales by drug, supplier, therapeutic area, location; prescription and dispensing patterns of brand vs generics, performance of biologics vs small molecules and so on

Monitor OTC drugs and dietary supplements market on popular ecommerce websites such as Amazon

Monitor thousands of companies for their product portfolio and pipeline for M&A, licensing or partnership opportunities

Monitor doctors, hospitals and insurance for in/out networks changes

We offer a wide range of services in data acquisition and analysis.
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Why work with us

Industry Expertise

We understand how competitive, complex and sensitive the healthcare market is. How healthcare is delivered, managed, and paid for is constantly evolving. So, knowing more about market and competition will help you to devise better competitive strategy as well as improve internal performance.

Management experience

While we take pride in our technical competencies, we are also a team with extensive management experience in data-driven industries. We think like managers and we execute like engineers; we solve complex management problems through the use of data technologies. 

Fast and simple solution​

Our solutions are so simple that you can easily access them using popular tools such as Excel or Tableau. On the inside however, we use state-of-the-art open source technologies to give you speed and accuracy.

Long term partnership

Our projects are long-term and our solutions get better with time. Such partnership allows us to understand your business better so that we can provide you with performant and cost-effective solutions. 

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Drop us a short note about your requirements at contact@data5analytics.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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