Data acquisition, data mining and data analytics for retail and e-commerce

Trend prediction

  • Forecast product demand by analyzing assortment and product life-cycle data from over hundred e-commerce sites. Use the insight to identify top products and eliminate gaps in your assortment

  • Run time-series analysis on millions of customer reviews to understand evolving customer preferences. Extract meaning from reviews, images, and product attributes from the most popular products in the market

Pricing and competitive intelligence​

  • Fuel your pricing strategy with data on your competition’s pricing and discounts. Use machine learning techniques to set your prices and discounts based on attributes such as design, material, color, brand, time of the year, and so on. 

  • Track your competitor’s promotion strategy (seasonal sale, markdowns, coupons, seasonal promotion) and respond quickly to customer expectations

  • Evaluate the performance of your product placement algorithms as well as search results. Compare and benchmark against your major competitors

Retail channel analysis

  • Analyze retail outlets and consumer demographics to identify outlets for potential franchise, distribution, and partnership opportunities

  • Closely monitor and evaluate your competitor’s retail strategy

Third party monitoring

  • Track pricing and placement of your products on third party platforms such as Amazon, Walmart and Macy’s. Compare where you stand against your competitors

  • Ensure that your resellers comply with your brand guidelines with regards to price, presentation and promotion

Web traffic analytics

  • Analyze traffic across 100+ websites and identify sources that are being underutilized

  • Track your SEO performance for the most important keywords

Custom analytics

  • Acquire and mine data as per your needs

  • Build highly specialized machine learning models including text and image analysis

  • Generate any custom analysis or reports

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